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Monday 16th May 2022

Our Services for Professional Advisors

Professional advisers are experts in their fields but few have ever been given the chance to become experts in expatriate tax and social security. Most of your clients are not expatriates or employers of expatriates, so when an expatriate issue arises, you are faced with trying to research the answers from scratch and the time spent doing the research is not cost-effective. Unfortunately, as for your clients themselves, there are few answers in the Inland Revenue’s guidebooks and other reference material. There is always that nagging doubt as to whether you have really understood the rules to commit yourself in writing to the client.

MD Advisory Limited therefore offers professional advisers specialist technical help on these occasional expatriate queries. We can give advice to you for onward inclusion in a document to your client or you can ask us to give advice to your client direct. We can offer either a project-based service at an hourly rate or we can work on a retainer basis.